After many turbulent years i’ve finally achieved the goal of getting here. Admittedly its very hard but I think it is the right path for me. Even though i’m a somewhat anti-social and simply never ventures outside my safety net of late night library sessions, quaint coffee shops, my room collated with random soft toys and the cat sitting on my laptop pressing a ridiculous number of keys.

Anyhow, I wonder why i’m typing this? I suppose at times when you are lost or are wallowing in confusing thoughts its good to just venture into utopia and let all the words and images flow. After all no one can have a right to judge when you are in your own little world. I suppose writing can be a form of self help? a way to reflect on each day… or even a platform to be yourself without the cloud of negativity that us humans have been so accustomed to.


Denmark Hill – Discharged from a 4 month hospital stay