Welcome 2017 – a time for change?

With 2017 passing rapidly, and February fast approaching, i am beginning to have a sense of fear. Although the process of writing on tinted white paper feels invigorating, the looming sense disappearing time is a daunting feat. In many aspects, I cogitate my personal achievements, as i slowly manoeuvre myself to the finishing line. What previously was an impossible goal, when accounting for my poor physical and psychological health; the prospect of entering the last few months of my degree is a daunting one.

I will not focus to much into the nonsensical encounters of life and it’s complexities – which science and folklore cannot explain. However should we being to lose the will to live, in what may appear as a nebulous game of power (in terms of politics: Brexit and Trump) and the educational system. From my personal experience, it may be best not to delve to much into the past. Yes!  question it, but proceed to extract and compile information from those experiences, to learn from in the future.

Perhaps this is a naive path to take; yet I feel in this time of change, it is a wise path to follow. After all, personally I strive to become a more compassionate person, and someone is hopefully able to assist to those who deem themselves in need to assistance – guess that is why I am completing a psychology degree.

So i conclude with this little message from Albert Einstein – “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”


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